The Aftercare program at Friends of Guest House is one of the main influences that determine whether or not a woman will continue to live a successful lifestyle.  It is typically a 6-9 month program where women who have graduated from Friends of Guest House will continue to have support through Guest House. The current Aftercare specialist, Mary, continues to support these women once they have left Guest House. The specialist helps them utilize the county resources they may not be familiar with themselves. These resources include grants for school, housing assistance, food assistance, and items through community donations (such as clothes and furniture). While interning at Friends of Guest House, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the home of a woman who is currently in the Aftercare program. From the moment we walked through the door, until we left, she was so excited we were there to visit her. This particular woman went back to school after graduating from Friends of Guest House; she received her associates’ degree and is excited to start working on her bachelor’s degree. With the help of the Aftercare Specialist, she applied for financial aid and was awarded grants to pay for tuition. When asked how the woman felt about the Aftercare program, she responded that it was important to her because not many people in her life have stuck around when she was doing well, and Friends of Guest House has done just that.

Amanda, GMU Intern, Friends of Guest House