New Facility Allows Friends of Guest House to Help 28 More Women

On May 1, 2013, Friends of Guest House opened its second facility in Alexandria, Virginia. The new facility can accommodate 7 additional residents, allowing Guest House to assist 28 more deserving women per year. The opening was made possible due to an expanded contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections and aided by the support of generous donors. In April, Guest House participated in the 24-hour Spring2Action fundraiser, where donors raised over $11,000 to help open the new facility.

The inaugural residents have already moved in and are getting settled in their new home. We are grateful for the support of staff, volunteers, and donors who believe that Guest House can make a difference in women’s lives. As a result of this support, 28 women will be making smooth transitions into the community and have hope for a better future.


Brittany GMU Intern, Friends of Guest House