By Stefanie H

Addicts, aka the walking wounded, while in active addiction seem set apart from the rest of society. We all know each other as if equipped with some extra sensory radar as we meet in the bars, jails, institutions, and finally recovery endeavors of our pathways. We seem to acknowledge each other with knowing glances and head nods that confirm our shared existence.  We compare the holes that exist within our souls. We continue to wander aimlessly searching , sometimes failingly, for that missing piece.

At Guest House, we find that it is only when we search within that we come close to the answer. We come from different walks of life.  We come from the city and the country. We started out differently but ended the same. We arrived here.  A new day and a new way arrives with us, if only we reach and grab the opportunity availed.  We cry, we feel, we laugh, we cook and sometimes…well, sometimes we are just silent.  We meditate on change as this wonderful place gives us opportunity beyond our expectation. There is hope.

I have learned here that the “small” moments I receive in sobriety are actually the profound moments.  These glimpses of euphoria and contentment allow me to finally walk my journey outside the bondage of addiction and give endless thanks for the trip.

Sometimes all we need is that possibility of hope to move a step forward. My journey has begun and for this I am eternally grateful for the 2nd (okay 99th) chance.