By Stefanie H.

It is vital in recovery to know gratitude.  To recognize its pulse and feel its sustenance is the key to serenity in sobriety.

Thanksgiving nears and while pondering a theme for this blog I found it fitting to write about my personal experience with gratitude.  Due to my incarceration and self inflicted purgatory the few years prior, I had little appreciation for anything. My focus was askew. I had no purpose.  I wanted to die.

Today there is hope. I am free from the proverbial chains of opiate/amphetamine addiction.  The incarceration paled in comparison to the mental slavery of active drug abuse.

Today, in this awe inspiring moment, I am so grateful for life and all the things I took for granted- telephone calls, short strolls, long walks, Pantene, carving pumpkins, baked spaghetti, grapes, iced tea, couches, after dinner conversations, sharing coffee morning silence, the way the sun filters between the blinds, camaraderie, speaking at GMU about my experience (and hope), belief in myself, knowing glances, Daddy, Momma, daughter, son, brother and autumn leaves….etc. etc. etc. I take a deep breath often times because as deeply as I felt misery I have travelled to the opposite end of the spectrum feeling overwhelming, breathtaking gratitude.  Guest House has been the vehicle on this beautiful new avenue of my life toward a better way.  All of those things I listed above I have received of focused upon while I have been here. I am encouraged daily to venture toward those things that give me peace and I finally appreciate. I am not that which I have been and today I know gratitude.

To be awake in my life is miraculous.  To recognize the miracle is gratitude and to voice the ‘Thank you’ is humility.

Thank you to Guest House for reminding me of all there is to truly be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.