I was an avid reader as a child.  It remains true today. There were books that became popular in which the reader was given an opportunity to pick his or her destiny. For example, at the end of a particular chapter the reader was given an option to take a left at a crossroads or a right with small hints of what was to come. One could be either devastated by her decision or pleasantly surprised at the plot twist. There was always a twist.

Life is so much like this. I have found myself at one of those crossroads in the 40th chapter of my life. It is the selection before me to take one opportunity or the next. I know I do not want to go back and tread those journeys that brought me here to begin with.  I want to somehow make the decision without regret or second guessing because having read and learned so much of my story already I must trust that my intentions will guide my journey successfully toward an altruistic and beautiful endeavor.

I will be leaving the Guest House soon full of such hope that I sit like an excited 6th grader reading the “destiny” book eagerly awaiting the twists and turns. Such is life, twists, turns, smiles, tears, agony, euphoria, defeat, and victory. I embrace it all readied with my tools and a passion to greet the new year and turn to the next chapter of my life.

Happy New Year.