The Moment

Einstein’s continuum theory speaks of the illusion of time.  He said that, in a nutshell, all that is real is the current moment.  The past is gone, the future has not happened and to try to live in either of these places is to defy the gift of the now.  How often do we take for granted what is so freely given to us? 

Too often, while in active addiction, I lived in yesterdays and tomorrows allowing the todays to pass away. I could never find a balance. I have learned how vital it is today to know the sustenance of livelihood, to feel the cold wind on my face and give thanks that I am alive. And when I feel the wonder of this miracle I cannot know the indifference I knew so strongly in bondage.

Today I feel the moment. I know true friendship, I respect myself, and feel the love of my house mates. Watching us come and go, in different moments, and walks of life is inspiring. Appreciating the cup of coffee with my dearest friend as she embarks on her new journey is the moment. Had I not found such soul sustaining sobriety I would have never appreciated the depth and affections I have for having had the moment with her and all the ladies.

Thank you Guesthouse for all the moments.