Before He took my mother,
He gave me a dream and a sign.
I said, “Dear God, don’t take her,
For she is my mother, she’s mine.

God responded,
“How can you say that? I gave her life.
I even made sure she became a beautiful wife.
I gave her those eyes that people adore.
Now, listen, Robin, because there is more.

When she was in pain, who did she call?
When her rent was due and she didn’t have it all?
Who did she call when she made mistakes and fell?
I gave her my only Son, so she wouldn’t go to hell.

You miss her? Yeah, I know you do,
Bur her purpose here on earth is through.
It is done and don’t worry Robin.
The victory is already won.
She misses her earthly family; I saw it in her tears.
I wiped her eyes; and now, no more fears.
One more thing, that was plain to see.
She does not want to come back
For she is here in Heaven with ME.

Soon, you will see your mother again, one sweet day.
by Robin Brownlee